Relaxing lavender eye pillow with fun eyelash design. It is made from a cotton outer with a screen printed design and a filled inner bag. The outer is removable so it can be washed if needed. The inner is filled with natural wheat and a generous portion of lavender to help soothe and relax you.

The bag is flexible so can be moulded over your eyes to block out any light. A natural way to help you sleep and relax. It also can help relieve symptoms of migraine, stress or anxiety. The perfect gift for anyone in today's busy world.

Each eye pillow will be sent to you individually wrapped in tissue paper.

Size: 24cm x 10cm. Weight: 250g approx.

The sleepy lavender eye pillow is available in five colours, please choose yours when you place your order.

Sleepy... Lavender Eye Pillow

SKU: GMC-00117
  • Gina Carpenter
  • Spa & Relaxation