Each of these curves are individually handmade and can feature your choice of colours. The piece features a kiln carved 'Mum' and heart, which is impressed from the back of the piece leaving a void. The entire piece is made from sheet, crushed, and pulled glass and combined with glass paints to create the finished design before two visits to the kiln to create the final look. The Curves are approximately 10cm tall and 9cm wide. They look great on a shelf or in a sunny window with the light behind. They are also great to use with a large Tealight.

If you wish you can choose to have your item sent directly to your Mum with gift wrap and a gift card.

(Please note that these items are made to order and delivery will take up to one week)

'Mum' Fused Glass Floral Curve

SKU: CH-00304
  • Cathy Henshaw
  • Glass Art