Intensively Moisturising Lavender Hand Butter with lavender essential oil to soothe, protect and calm. All Fizzy Fuzzy Hand Butters are made with the finest quality oils and butters: *Jojoba Oil – closely resembles the natural oils in our skin. A highly penetrating, rich oil, containing natural antioxidants. *Mango butter - highly moisturising with healing and regenerative properties. *Sweet Almond Oil – with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E this is a nourishing and protecting oil which calms skin irritation. *Vitamin E – with anti-oxidant qualities that fight free radicals. Promotes skin rejuvenation, elasticity and health. Fizzy Fuzzy luxury hand butters are not diluted with water, so use sparingly as a little goes a long way! The hand butter will melt into your skin, leaving your hands feeling hydrated and protected. As this hand butter is made purely from oils and butter, it is intensively moisturising and a little goes a long way so it can be used sparingly and will last a long time. Please keep away from direct sunlight as if the jar becomes too hot the butters and oils will melt. Because there is no added water there are no artificial preservatives making this a lovely natural product.

Freshly handmade in Buckinghamshire using the finest quality ingredients. *NO Parabens*NO Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS)*NO harsh detergents*NO artificial preservatives*NO animal testing *NO added water*Vegan

Proud to be a member of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers.

All Fizzy Fuzzy products have been fully safety assessed by an independent, chartered Chemist, and conform to all EU legislation.

35g jar

Lavender Hand Butter

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  • Vicki Kajtar
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